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Creaky floors warned that someone was coming

Have you ever walked into a house and fallen in love? I have, and Iím still in love with that house and all houses that look like her.

She was a big, old craftsman-style house with a wide front porch that smiled a welcome when you walked up to her. Though not a young house, she was blessed with lots and lots of character, both inside and out.

Her floors were wood, not a shred of carpet anywhere. Those floors would creak in certain places, but that just served to warn you someone was coming. Her walls were plaster and very thick. She was very proud of her high ceilings and spacious rooms. A truly gracious lady, she loved children, which was fortunate because there were five of us.

There were all sorts of nooks and crannies for children to explore. A game of hide and seek could last for hours. There were four rather large bedrooms and one bath. Thatís right, one bath for two adults and five children. Somehow we made that work, and no one gave it much thought. When that house was built, having an indoor bathroom was considered very modern.

When we moved away, we all cried. That house had become our home, and we loved her dearly. Years later we went back for a visit. The new occupants welcomed us, as did the house. Her porch smiled at us all the way up the walk. Some improvements had been made, like adding another bathroom, but she was basically the same: warm and loving.

Our current house is a dear, and we do love her. There is no smiling front porch, but there are three bathrooms. Who couldnít love a house that has three bathrooms?

Published: March 20, 2017
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