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Because most things come in threes

Why is it that when one thing breaks, others follow suit? A few weeks ago our 20-year-old-plus washing machine began to scream as if in agony. According to the appliance doctor, she had a bad ball bearing. What it would cost to repair her was far more than the old machine was worth. Imagine being considered beyond repair at age 20? But she had a very good run for a washer, and it was time to replace her with a new, more energy-efficient machine.

The new washer arrived with a multipage booklet of instructions. There were multiple buttons for multiple options, and my Taller Half was thoroughly flummoxed. After an evening of study he washed the first load in the new washer, and it was impressive. It took half the time to finish a full load. However, when in spin mode, the new washer sounds very similar to a jet taking off.

While the new washer was settling in, the hot water heater came down with a chill. Another visit by the appliance doctor revealed the need for surgery, and a new part was installed in the appliance. Its recovery has been total, and we are back to hot showers.

Because most things come in threes, we are a bit nervous about our other appliances. Our air conditioner is not a young thing, and a few boards on our deck are ill. So far there is no need for the air conditioner, and the deck is still sturdy. We have all agreed not to look at the roof.

Published: April 17, 2017
New Article ID: 2017704179988