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I've decided the lamb's ear must go

We bought our house not knowing the pretty soft-leafed plant across her front was a plant called lamb's ear. It’s very pretty and has nice pink blooms but heaven help the garden and lawn lying next to it. It has world domination in mind, and as my garden will tell you, it’s well on its way.
As you already know, our house loves her surroundings, particularly her front gardens. We thought that pretty light gray plant gracing our front yard was just lovely. That is until we discovered just how ambitious it was. You would think that something with such soft leaves would be a cinch to remove. Not so. That plant has a root system to rival any invasive bamboo ever grown. 
Our house has mixed feelings, but I’ve decided the lamb's ear must go. Digging up the plants won’t work. The shovel won’t go even an inch in the ground around the roots. Pulling the plants up is somewhat successful, but those evil, sneaky roots are still down there waiting to sprout. Unfortunately, after pulling up huge piles of the plant, it rained, and the next day there were new shoots everywhere. 
Though I’m not fond of chemical sprays, I was desperate and applied one with high hopes it would destroy those roots completely. So far it isn’t looking good. In fact that lamb's ear is now encroaching into our lawn and has even managed to grow all the way under our double driveway to reach the lawn on the other side.
My friends complain about crab grass and dandelions being difficult to eradicate. Lucky them. We have a few of those, but they pull up fairly easily, and a bit of vinegar applied right on them is guaranteed to end their hopes of return.
It has become a matter of pride. I am pulling out the big guns, also known as a spray bottle of apple cider vinegar. It will take out the lamb's ear, but nothing will grow in its place until next year. It has been a tough decision for an avid gardener, but I am left with no choice. If anyone knows a better way to get rid of lamb's ear, let me know.

Published: July 12, 2017
New Article ID: 2017170719979