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We've unintentionally marginalized masculinity

"If your boyfriend has more hair care products than you, that’s a red flag.”
For the past 11 years, consequently the same time frame that I’ve been actively teaching the beautiful game of soccer to bright, talented and impressionable teenage girls, that’s been my chief advice for their dating lives.
And while some may suggest that I’ve reached this conclusion based on my own, shall we say, follically related challenges, the reality is that my advice has been correct many more times than it’s been wrong.
As society has, rightfully so, taken great steps toward celebrating female empowerment, we’ve unintentionally marginalized masculinity as something that’s not just a faux pas but downright offensive. And that’s a problem.
Contrary to what you may read, there are only two types of people in the world: men and women. That’s it. And while men who end up more feminine or women who seem more manly is no business of mine, what is important to remember is that neither masculinity nor femininity are wrong.
But that’s exactly where we are today. To be in touch with one’s feminine side is celebrated. It means we’re sensitive and open minded to others. It means we care about details and aesthetics.
But the idea of being manly has been redefined in recent years to be something much less desirable. To be manly is to be macho and meatheaded. It’s chauvinistic. It’s being pig-headed. It’s selfish and loud and sweaty and noisy.
And we’ve been repeating that mantra for so long we now have a generation of young males who, in large numbers, don’t understand what it actually means to be manly. That really bothers me because there is a huge vacuum in the world developing due to a lack of this.
We’ve stopped teaching our young people that, truly at its core, to be manly is to be selfless. It’s taking care of things that need taking care of. It’s being brave enough to protect your partner and your children and going to whatever lengths necessary to provide for their well-being.
Sure there are women today who are adequately filling those roles, some better than any male counterpart ever could. But that isn’t the problem. The real issue is there are a great number of men who have stopped providing and caring and protecting as men should. In other words, not doing manly things in the traditional sense.
As men we are genetically predisposed to be bigger, stronger and more physically domineering than women. But if we don’t teach our young boys how to convey that physical advantage in a positive manner when they come of age, particularly with how they treat women and children, all we’ll have left are muscle-bound mental midgets filled with self importance.
So I’m issuing this as a challenge to all you who have young boys. Teach them what it truly means to be a man. Teach them about strength and kindness and charity and chivalry.

Most importantly teach them they need not apologize for exhibiting any of those qualities in the world because right now the world is sorely lacking.

Published: July 14, 2017
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