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Finding hope

Support groups offered at NewPointe Community Church are open to anyone in the community, regardless of religious affiliation.

Randy McKee

People want church life to be relevant to their everyday life according to Elizabeth Lauber, the Care Network Director at NewPointe Community Church. “In everyday life, we are faced with challenges — it doesn’t matter who you are. As a church, we want to be supportive,” she said.
That’s why NewPointe has a number of support groups available to help people cope with the obstacles life throws at them. As a non-denominational Christian church, NewPointe’s focus is to lead people to realize and reach their full potential in Jesus Christ. Its groups, Lauber said, are open to the entire community.
“People who have experienced loss, whether it’s the death of a spouse, a child or a loved one, experience deep hurt. It doesn’t matter if the loss was recent or some time ago. Anyone struggling with grief from the death of someone who was important to them needs help overcoming that grief,” Lauber said. “It can negatively impact their life.”
Lauber leads this particular support group, having experienced loss herself. “The church offers the hope that you might be able to see your loved one again,” she said.
This group offers help for people who have become single without children or have become single and are parenting. “We offer help, hope and survival tips for navigating the unique challenges of being single again,” Lauber said. “After a divorce, people are dealing with pain and stress and need help finding their footing.”
DivorceCare 4 Kids
Open to children ages five to 12, this group helps children navigate the complexities divorce can bring. Whether it’s living in two different households or feeling the loss of the parent who is no longer in residence, DivorceCare 4 Kids can help them cope with their emotions. “Kids didn’t make the decision for their parents to divorce,” Lauber said. “It’s not always easy for them to transition.”
Single and Parenting
Whether you’ve always been a single parent, your spouse has died or you’ve divorced, this group offers practical support for maneuvering through the challenges of single parenting.
Post-Abortion Support Group
This confidential group offers women the opportunity to heal from their emotional pain. “They may never have dealt with it,” Lauber said. “Some have gone on to have families and feel tremendous guilt. There is no judgement for a woman’s decision to abort. Every woman who has chosen abortion has been in a ‘crisis pregnancy’ and felt that was her only answer. People are hurting. A lot of times it’s their painful secret. We’re here to help them let go of that pain.”
Celebrate Recovery
For any habit or hurt you have, Celebrate Recovery can help with anything you want to overcome. “People see this as a drug and alcohol addiction group, but it’s much bigger than that,” Lauber said. “Any obstacle preventing you from living fully is addressed here. Come as you are and we’ll walk alongside you.”
NewPointe also offers mentoring to people in need of financial, marriage or spiritual guidance. You can be mentored alone or with your spouse. “It’s another form of care we provide at no charge,” Lauber said.
And while all of the support groups are free of charge, some have a nominal materials fee — but that shouldn’t stop you from seeking help. “We would never turn someone away over the cost of a book,” she said.
In addition to interactive discussion time and video learning from experts, adults spend time on workbooks going through exercises and learning principles. Kids might be involved in art projects or games to help them explore their emotions. The idea, Lauber said, is to have those attending the support groups be in an environment where the obstacles have been removed and they can get the help they need.
Support groups at NewPointe Community Church are typically held on Wednesday evenings between 5 and 8 p.m. Childcare is available. The address is 3950 State Route 39 N.W. in Dover. The phone number is 330-365-2287. For more information on programs and other campus locations, visit newpointe.org. If you are interested in being of service to the church community, you can contact Elizabeth Lauber to find out where your talents are needed.

Published: September 8, 2017
New Article ID: 2017170909950