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Gifts with edge

People love to give Warther Cutlery as gifts for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings, largely because every piece is made locally.


It’s no secret that the Warther Cutlery name is synonymous with products that endure for generations. But what you might not know is the company recently expanded its offerings to appeal to a new audience.
“People who crave a modern look will love our new black-handle collection of knives,” said Katie Cunningham, marketing director for the company. “People have been asking for black handles for years, but we waited to introduce them until we were confident we could offer a wood base for the handles — not plastic. We also wanted to be sure the beauty of the color would stay true.”
Warther’s new black-handle knives feature premium birch wood dyed in layers, impregnated with resin, then buffed to a beautiful shine. They also feature the same durability Warther Cutlery is known for, and all the same blade styles to match. “Every kitchen knife we produce is available in black,” Cunningham said. “So, the choice is really about what appeals to you most visually.”
Traditionally, the knife blocks available from Warther have been produced in cherry and oak, but the company introduced a maple block to offset the beauty of the new black handles.
All Warther Cutlery includes a lifetime warranty under normal kitchen use. Should anything unexpected happen, Warther will fix or replace the knife at no charge. The company also offers complimentary sharpening, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
People love to give Warther Cutlery as gifts for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and weddings, largely because every piece is made locally. “We use the finest materials you can get, and our knives are less expensive compared to other high-quality knives because there is no middleman,” Cunningham said.
She also stated many people like to visit the store to watch their knives being sharpened by the craftsmen who made them. “You can have a real hands-on experience here,” she said.
This Christmas, Cunningham suggested giving the Warther Chef Set, which includes a seven-inch chef knife, a five-inch sandwich knife and a three-inch paring knife, or the Warther Starter Set, which features a seven-inch slicing knife, a five-inch sandwich knife and a three-inch paring knife.
For those already devoted to the Warther Cutlery line, the introduction of new knives just in time for the holiday giving season is beautifully timed.
The bird’s beak paring knife points down, and is perfect for peeling round objects. The santuko knife, or Japanese chef’s knife, is ideal for new chefs because it’s used heel to tip. And while the cheese knife has been around for a while, Cunningham said it’s perfect for holiday parties because it moves through soft cheeses without any drag.
To complete your Warther Cutlery collection, or augment a cutlery-inspired gift, cutting boards from the company are available in different sizes in cherry, maple and walnut. Some of the boards, Cunningham noted, feature strips of all three woods. “And they’re made right here,” she said.
Boards can be personalized for a true one-of-a-kind gift. Some people opt to feature the gift recipient’s initials, while others take personalization to a whole new level. “We’ve had some people bring in a treasured recipe handwritten by a loved one, and we put the recipe onto a cutting board in that person’s handwriting,” Cunningham said. “It’s just $14 to personalize any board.”
Cutting boards start at $20.
For the outdoorsman in your life, Warther’s hunting and sportsman knives are a must. The new hunting knife, Cunningham said, features a fixed blade with sheath and a wood box. Priced at $229, it includes engraved personalization. Two handle colors are available —black and camo green — which are done in G-10 fiberglass for extra durability.
Cunningham suggested everyone stay tuned for an announcement about Warther’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Details will be available on the website.
Warther Cutlery is located at 327 Karl Avenue, in Dover. Hours are seven days a week, from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Order online at WartherCutlery.com.

Published: November 10, 2017
New Article ID: 2017171119999