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It is fun to rearrange things to freshen up your decor

Some houses like to have their furniture stay put, and others enjoy having things rearranged on occasion. Our house likes the status quo and gets nervous when things get moved about. Personally it is so much easier to keep things as they are because when the lights go out, you can get around in the dark without stubbing your toes or falling over a table.
On the other hand it is fun to rearrange things to freshen up your decor. Some rooms get excited with fresh placement of their furniture. It keeps them from getting bored. And houses absolutely love getting new things to brighten their rooms. When a favorite piece of furniture is taken from a house, there is consternation.
We sent a chair home with our son, and our house was shocked. She was very fond of that chair and worried that other pieces would leave her. A bit of rearranging and having some new flooring installed calmed her fears and brightened up the room. Now, of course, she wants all of her floors redone, which isn’t going to happen anytime soon. 
Our son is a compulsive rearranger and moves his furniture around at least once a month. It has made his house very nervous. Every time things seem to be settling down, he moves his sofa, chairs, tables and lamps again. One time we arrived for a visit, and all the furniture was lined up along the walls. His house was so embarrassed. So was his wife.
Many houses find their decor arranged to maximize conversation, television or the views out the windows. Our house is pretty evenly divided between the views and the television. So far this is working, but with the starkness of winter fast approaching, the views won’t be as compelling, so the television will dominate as the center of attention.
Our house doesn’t seem to mind the seasonal adjustments, though she does seem happier looking out. Spring will come again, the view will return and the promise of a new sofa will keep her happy through the cold, gray months.

Published: November 13, 2017
New Article ID: 2017171109911