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Red Kettle Campaign begins Nov. 16

Lt. Andrew Allen is the commanding corps officer at the Salvation Army. The Red Kettle Campaign will begin Nov. 16 at various locations around the county.


You may have noticed the Salvation Army’s red kettle typically situated at store fronts around the holiday season, but do you know its history?
Lt. Andrew Allen, commanding corps officer at the New Philadelphia Salvation Army location, gives historical background on both the Red Kettle Campaign and the Salvation Army, taking note of current efforts being taken by the campaign.
“The Red Kettle Campaign began in the late 1890s in San Francisco. A Salvation Army officer came up with the idea of putting a kettle out on the docks, and as ships came in, he would ask for funds, and those funds would go toward individuals in need,” Allen said.
Today changes have been made to cater to specific counties and their needs, but the campaign and the Salvation Army have a rich history of giving.
According to Allen, the Salvation Army provides for those in need throughout the county by serving food at their soup kitchens five days a week, Monday through Friday, serving 20-70 individuals. No identification is needed, and it is free to those in need of a warm meal.
During the late 1800s William Booth, British Methodist preacher, founded the Salvation Army and became known as “The Prophet of the Poor.”
“His mission was to help those in need, and one of his slogans was Soup, Soap and Salvation,” Allen said.
Founded on faith and the belief of helping those in need, the Salvation Army stands behind Booth’s belief that individuals cannot be effectively reached by God’s word until their basic needs are met, Allen said.
The Red Kettle Campaign was introduced with hopes to help those in need after the foundation of the Salvation Army, and the values once held by the organization are still held as priority.
“We’re first and foremost a church, but we are a social services organization. We look to address the needs of individuals in any way we can including spiritual needs,” Allen said.
Today the Salvation Army provides a soup kitchen; adult, children and teen group meetings; Christian Bible school; and a summer camp among other activities and offerings for the community to come together.
Youth programs include music and arts programs, Bible study, archery lessons, dinner, and troops programs, like Boy or Girl Scouts. Adult or teen programs teaching discipleship also are offered.
Funds collected from the Red Kettle Campaign are attributed to those community activities and to other methods of reaching out to those in need, so all of the events held by the Salvation Army are free.
“This year’s campaign goal is $100,000, the same as last year. We exceeded the goal last year by over $10,000. This community contributes generously,” Allen said.
The campaign will begin on Nov. 16 and end on Dec. 23. The locations are not yet set in stone, but they may include stores previously involved including Wal-Mart, Buehler’s, Rural King, Mako's, Big Lots, Drug Mart and Tractor Supply.
Ringing the bell for the campaign is one of many ways to get involved alongside donating items to the Salvation Army, donating time to serve at the soup kitchen, or simply calling and asking what help can be offered on the part of the volunteer.
To donate larger items, call the Salvation Army at 330-364-3811, and a truck will arrive to pick up donated belongings.  
Along with volunteering, another way to support the Salvation Army and its contributions to the community would be to attend the upcoming arts and crafts show that will be held on Dec. 1 and 2 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Dover/New Philadelphia Salvation Army.
The proceeds from the show will be directed toward efforts to help those in need.
“If anyone wants to volunteer during the Kettle Campaign, we’re always looking for volunteers, for people to help out,” Allen said.
For more information visit www.salvationarmyusa.org/usn/. If you’d like to volunteer or donate time or monetary resources, call 330-364-3811. The Dover/New Philadelphia Salvation Army is located at 809 Emmet Ave. NW, New Philadelphia.

Published: November 13, 2017
New Article ID: 2017171109950