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Kindle your Christmas spirit with stories and song

Wayne County Library's main branch in Wooster will host a free Christmas celebration with Doug Brown, professional skateboarder, musician and author.


Christmastime is busy. Planning parties, shopping and cooking can take the fun out of the season. Take some time out and bring the family to the Wayne County Library's main branch in Wooster on Thursday, Dec. 7 to enjoy a free Christmas celebration with Doug Brown, professional skateboarder, musician and author. Enjoy storytelling, music and camaraderie to ignite the holiday spirit.
“I want people to be happy and inspired and in the Christmas spirit,” Brown said. “Find that kernel of Christmas in every day.”
Brown hopes to spread his message of hope and optimism through his Christmas book, “The Skater’s Night Before Christmas,” and music. Brown will play Christmas songs from his CD on guitar and piano with guest musician Justin Parks as well as reading his book aloud.
His book was inspired by Clement Clark Moore’s “Night Before Christmas” and was based on a poem he wrote when he was young. When out shopping, Brown noticed all the Christmas books for kids and realized his poem had the makings of a children’s holiday book.
Brown said he loves Christmas and loves hosting big Christmas parties. He’s bringing lights and props to enhance the show, and he will give away autographed posters.
Brown has been playing guitar and skateboarding since he was 12 when the movie “Back to the Future” inspired him to get on a skateboard. Music was his first career. He taught guitar for 10 years. But he never quit skateboarding.
He was discovered while skating at the Gravity Games. The skateboard became his career and music the avocation. To this day he continues competing worldwide and has several sponsorships and 15 skateboards named after him including a Doug Brown "Back to the Future" board.
“Skateboard has been a microphone,” Brown said. “It has launched other opportunities with music and writing and has helped me become well known.”
Brown is the author of six books. His most recent, “Speedy Entry: Advice for the Rebel with a Cause Teenager,” relates the hardships and barriers Brown has overcome and how his background can help other teens in tough situations.
His experiences have inspired him to take up public speaking through the not-for-profit Athletes for Hope, a foundation founded by seven elite athletes to help other athletes make a positive difference in the lives of others. Through this organization Brown does motivational speaking at schools, hospitals and nursing homes. He is the only professional skateboarder represented.
“I want to make a difference in the lives of people of all ages,” Brown said. “The kids especially inspire me as much as I inspire them. They are going through so much adversity.”
Brown’s love of Christmas comes from his mother, who passed away when he was 16. His Christmas celebrations are a tribute to her and her love of the season.
Brown has been hosting holiday parties since he was young. He relates how, inspired by his mother, he would throw Christmas parties for all of his stuffed animals. One of those animals, Gary Gnu, will attend the Wayne County Library event. He was a gift to Brown from his grandmother and accompanies him to many of his appearances.
Learn more about Brown on his website at www.dougbrown.org. Follow links there to his YouTube channel, Facebook page and Instagram accounts and purchase autographed books and CDs.
The Wayne County Public Library is at 220 W. Liberty St. Call for more information at 330-262-0916. The event is free and open to the public.

Published: December 6, 2017
New Article ID: 2017171129895