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Acclaimed jazz artists slated to perform at the Tool Shed

National touring artist, featured member of the Joey DeFrancesco Trio and Akron native guitar master Dan Wilson will perform at the Tool Shed in February.


"Anybody who sees these performers is going to love them. I'll stand by that," Darren Galambos said. "If you're not a jazz fan, by the end of the night you will be."
Galambos is bringing some of the biggest names in jazz to a local venue at a down-home price. His enthusiasm for the entertainers he has booked thus far is apparent in everything he shares about the upcoming events.
"I just love good music," he said. "I have been thinking for years about how I could get musicians like these to show up here and play. I'm doing it for the love of it."
An anesthesiologist by day, he said, "That's my real job." Galambos also works with Digital Marketing Group/TV2 in New Philadelphia.
Music has been a part of Galambos' life since he was a youngster taking piano lessons. "I grew up playing classical music. My parents would let me play ragtime, but jazz came into my life later."
Always a fan of bluesy rock, he said, "I slowly found my way into more blues and more jazz. I first got into jazz piano players, and that opened me up to the whole world of jazz."
It was in sharing his vision of bringing the music he loves to Tuscarawas County that Galambos realized, "I think we can do this."
In less than two months Galambos had found a venue and began booking major jazz musicians. He started by contacting musicians he knew personally. The booking seems to have taken on a momentum of its own already.
"I don't really know how it happened that I got to know them. These guys just kind of came into my life, and it gave us a way to bring them here," Galambos said. "We began talking to people, trying to find the right venue, and Breitenbach Wine Cellars seemed like a good fit."
The vineyard's Tool Shed venue will be the setting for the concerts. The choice to use a location that sits in the heart of Amish country for jazz concerts was twofold.
"It's a well-known establishment," Galambos said. "They have a great following because of the location and business."
There are already five concerts booked, starting on Jan. 27 from 7-10 p.m. with Tony Monaco. The Columbus-based jazz organist has garnered international attention. Jazz guitarist Dan Wilson will perform on Feb. 2.
"Dan hooked up with Joey DeFrancesco, and they have been touring the globe."
Wilson plays on DeFrancesco's Project Freedom album, which has recently been nominated for a Grammy.
The other artists are all highly acclaimed as well. The Carter Snyder Quintet will play Feb. 17. Jazz pianist Theron Brown, co-founder of Akron's Rubber City Jazz & Blues Festival, will play March 17. Pianist Emmet Cohen will play May 12.
"I believe word is getting out to these musicians," Galambos said, "because of the quality of the people we have and word of mouth. They each play with a wide variety of musicians, so just through those connections we can pull in some great performers."
The aim is for upscale concerts with the feel of an intimate venue. There will be wine and food available at the Tool Shed.
"It will be like an intimate club setting," Galambos said, "with nice food and wine."
Tickets run at $20, and CDs will be available for presale prior to every concert. Go to www.tuscomusic.com or Tuscomusic on Facebook for specifics regarding each concert and to order tickets.
For more information about Breitenbach Wine Cellars, go to www.breitenbachwine.com or find them on Facebook at Breitenbach Winery and The Tool Shed at Breitenbach Winery.
A unique twist to the jazz at the Tool Shed is that every concert will be televised locally on Channel 2.
"I really did this so that I could hear all these great musicians and not have to travel far from home. I hope word gets out," Galambos said. "The more that people enjoy it, the more we can do it."
Galambos explained how it's a win-win for everyone. Instead of having to drive out of the area for top-quality jazz, there is a venue close to home. The musicians need venues to play, and the area can use some more options for an evening out with entertainment.
It is possible the shows could lead to a series, other venues and perhaps become year round. "We have to see where it leads," Galambos said. "For now I'll just be happy to be able to go to the concerts. We'll think about the rest of it later."

Published: January 8, 2018
New Article ID: 2018180109992