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This doctor makes house calls

Janet Dailey, MD, is a primary care physician who offers discounted pricing on services, lab testing and medications. Her largely Amish patient base appreciates her willingness to make house calls.

Randy McKee

You’ve probably passed through downtown Nashville a thousand times without realizing the offices of Dr. Janet Dailey were quietly located on the corner of Routes 39 and 514.
Heck, you may not have even realized you were in Nashville.
But the area’s best-kept medical secret is about to be revealed right here — and she’s been in practice on that quiet corner in Nashville for more than 35 years.
Janet Dailey, MD, is a family medical doctor. And while that might not be enough to tip your rocker, the fact that her focus is on providing the highest level of care for the lowest price around most certainly will.
Oh, and she makes house calls.
“If you live in western Holmes County, you don’t need to travel out of the area for quality medical care,” Dr. Dailey assured. “Most of the tools I need are in my office and I can perform a complete evaluation without the high expense of going elsewhere.”
A lot of the patients Dr. Dailey sees have high deductibles, are without insurance or are members of the Amish community. In fact, the Amish make up the bulk of her in-home visits. “I do house calls for people with any number of different ailments, but typically I visit the elderly or the very sick,” she said.
Dr. Dailey is also a budget-friendly, go-to source for people who need routine medications refilled, like prescriptions for diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and thyroid disease. “The people I see don’t have the money to pay $600-$700 a month for insurance,” she stated. “They are sick today, and they want to be well today. I can help.”
Most patients schedule an in-office visit, but Dr. Dailey always keeps room on her schedule for same-day appointments. For house calls, a call-ahead appointment is a must. “Because I offer walk-in appointments, I can save people a trip to the ER for simple ailments like bronchitis or a urinary tract infection,” she noted.
In addition to saving patients money on lab work by passing her wholesale pricing on to them, she is often able to get them access to free or low-cost medications. “I spend a tremendous amount of time sourcing discounted prices,” Dr. Dailey said. “I provide and put people in touch with affordable options.”
The offices of Dr. Janet Dailey are located at 107 W. Millersburg St., in Nashville, 12 miles west of Millersburg. She regularly makes house calls for her Amish clientele. The phone number to schedule is 330-378-4951. Same-day appointments are available.

Published: February 9, 2018
New Article ID: 2018180209953