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Smoke alarms are a necessity to all houses

Most houses have identifying smells. Some smell like dogs, some like cats, some like baking cookies and others like furniture polish. Personally we prefer baking cookies, but that’s just us.
The smell houses fear most is smoke. That fearsome burning odor strikes terror into the heart of every house, as well it should. But not all burning odors are dangerous.
Take my Taller Half’s weekly hot dog preparation, if only you could. He cooks everything on the highest heat, which sets off the smoke alarm. Our current house has adjusted to this weekly high-heat meal prep and no longer panics. It does make her a bit nervous, but that’s all.
When I was a kid, we regularly burned our morning toast. These were the times before smoke alarms. The elderly wood-sided house in which we lived never really adjusted to that smoking toaster and would send panic waves out all over the neighborhood. The neighbors got used to it; our parents never did.
Mother would come racing down the stairs in full panic mode yelling, “What have you done? Get out of the kitchen! Go outside! Call the fire department!”
Our dad would eventually calm Mom down, turn off the toaster and then open a window; crisis averted. But our poor, old house was never able to fully relax.
Smoke alarms are a necessity to all houses. They have saved human lives and kept our houses safe from turning into piles of ash. But they also have been the cause of a great deal of unwarranted human and pet terror.
When cleaning our oven a few years ago, the fumes set off the smoke alarm. Our dogs tried to escape that sound by running amok throughout our house barking and howling at the top of their dog lungs.
I, being unable to reach the alarm to turn it off, started screaming for my Taller Half for help. The combined hysteria finally brought Taller Half up from the basement to squelch the alarm. The canine and human screams ended, but I don’t think our house or our dogs have every fully recovered from that adventure. Neither have I.

Published: February 12, 2018
New Article ID: 2018180209955