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The fundraiser variety show with the name no one can pronounce

Tim Shue is playing the accordion.

Sprouted Acorn Photography

Everyone is invited to reserve a seat for "The Frohliche Dorf Show" on Saturday, Feb. 17 at 7 p.m. at the Performing Arts Center at Central Christian School in Kidron. Sit back, relax and enjoy an evening of top-notch, old-fashioned entertainment.
Much like the NPR radio show, "A Prairie Home Companion," which now has a new host and a new name, "Live From Here." "It's a big variety show," Tim Shue said.
Shue is the co-producer of the show with the name no one can pronounce — "The Frohliche Dorf Show" — along with Brenda Troyer.
"It means cheerful village in German," Shue said.
The show is the brainchild of Shue, who had the idea for nearly 20 years before deciding to "just go for it" and make it happen. This year will be the fifth for the fundraiser, which generally happens every two years.
"It's a good fit for February," Shue said. "There aren’t a lot of other activities happening. It's a good way to just laugh again and enjoy the talents of our own little community. And it helps support my Central Christian concert choir."
Shue is the choir director at the school. "The concert choir participates in a festival every spring, so 'The Frohliche Dorf Show' helps subsidize that trip," Shue said.
This year the choir will perform in Harrisonburg, Virginia.
According to Shue, the evening will include everything from original commercials to skits, from professional musical talent to a group sing-a-long.
This year the production will include performances by the local band Honeytown and the well-known Sonnenberg Station men's vocal ensemble.
"I always get a polka band together, and we play a couple of pieces," Shue said. "I call it the Doofendorf Band."
The show always features someone local who does something interesting or unusual. This year there will be a live interview with the lead designer from Tilmor Tractors.
Regulars to "The Frohliche Dorf Show" will already be privy to the return of Frying Pan Dan, a make-believe reality show.
"We try to highlight area things that people can connect with," Shue said. "I like to highlight the quirkiness of our own little community. We usually have something like a spoof of NPR’s 'Click and Clack, the Car Talk Brothers.' We call it 'Clip and Clop, the Buggy Talk Guys.'"
One skit this year will be all about a couple going on a date in the big city. Shue said, "The big city is Wooster."
One guest artist at this year's show will be biblical scholar and singer/songwriter Bryan Moyer Suderman. "He's coming down from Canada for some area Mennonite church meetings, so I thought I'd have him be a part of the show," Shue said.
"The idea of the show is to keep it fast paced and moving," Shue said. "This year I wrote a song for Tilmor Tractors and a jingle for Sure House Coffee Roasting Company."
The co-producer has a trio of singers he brings in every year for his original commercial songs.
The evening ends with everyone joining together in song. "We get about 600 people singing a simple folk song together," Shue said. "That just doesn't happen anymore anywhere else."
Shue's enthusiasm for the show spills out as he explains the gist of what the cheerful village celebration is all about. "In a nutshell — without giving too much away — it's a really fun night. What we've found is that people love a reason to laugh and sing."
The Performing Arts Center at Central Christian School is located at 3970 Kidron Road, Kidron. The reserved seat tickets are $14-$17 and may be purchased online at www.eventbrite.com/e/the-frohliche-dorf-tickets-41759864880 or go to www.ccscomets.org/news. The event is sometimes known to sell out, so advance purchase of tickets is highly recommended.

Published: February 12, 2018
New Article ID: 2018180209960