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I do wonder if I could still play the game

Columnist Mike Dewey talks about his Church League softball days.

We've unintentionally marginalized masculinity

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses his view on what it means to be a man and how this needs to be taught to young men today.

This smoke is your life until Halloween at least

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses how he will be grilling on his kettle grill until Halloween at least.

Summer fun: Keep it simple so that it is simply fun

Columnist Karen Wilson offers simple ways to have fun with the family during summer.

I've decided the lamb's ear must go

Columnist Laura Moore discusses her difficulties with getting rid of the beautiful but highly invasive lamb's ear.

Regenerative design solves the large-scale trash problem

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses regenerative design, an idea that seeks to parallel nature and attempts to be waste free while being used to design buildings, create landscapes and manufacture consumer products.

Welcome to my imperfect home

Columnist Missy Herrera discusses differing views on hospitality and what it means to her.

Fresh air makes a house happy

Columnist Laura Moore discusses open windows and screen doors along with the creatures outside that like to invade a home when able.

An open letter to the powers that be in Major League Baseball

Columnist Mike Dewey discusses Major League Baseball and its attempts to speed up the game and make it more entertaining for some viewers.

Less really is more

Bruce Stambaugh shares how downsizing helped him realize that less is really more.

Auto safety devices that can help seniors with older cars

Savvy Senior columnist Jim Miller discusses devices that can help seniors drive safely.

Some birds are rarely seen away from the oceans of the world

Columnist Bruce Glick discusses ocean-dwelling birds and some rare bird sightings.

Maybe we all need a hiatus from the news

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses his view on bias in mainstream media.

The best wine is the wine you like

Ohio has a long and important history in wine-making, beginning in the 1820s along the Ohio River. Ohio was the largest producer of wine in the United States until crop failures and the Civil War brought things to a standstill.

I feel so small when I try to compare myself to this unknown hero

Columnist Mike Dewey discusses the tragic death of a man who rushed into the ocean to save two drowning teenagers.

70 times 7 until it hurts

Columnist Missy Herrera discusses her perspective on freedom and giving.

The Founding Fathers showed compassion and empathy

Columnist Bruce Stambaugh discusses the Founding Fathers, the U.S. Constitution and some of its amendments.

Reports of rare birds come from a number of birders

Columnist Bruce Glick discusses reports of rare birds seen in the region, including Killbuck Marsh, a big place with lots of excellent habitat. Several least bitterns have been reported. These bitterns are found annually but in small numbers.

We're still not sure exactly where hot dogs come from

Columnist Scott Daniels shares the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council says over the Fourth of July holiday Americans will consume enough hot dogs to stretch, end-to-end, from Washington, D.C. to Los Angeles five times.

It's firefly season

Columnist Herb Broda discusses declining firefly populations and summer activities.

My consent is not yours to take

Columnist Missy Herrera shares why consent is the last line of self preservation.

Visiting some old friends

Columnist Laura Moore visits a few old friends on a trip.

Include reading in your summer plans

Summer is a great opportunity to share your favorite authors from your childhood with your kids. Read together or listen to audiobooks.

Dads are a pretty precious commodity

Columnist Scott Daniels recalls his dad's disdain for any vegetable other than the potato.

Optics Fling is a big success

Columnist Bruce Glick discusses an event he traveled home to attend called the Optics Fling.

Pushing the envelope can lead you to amazing experiences

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses some food items he has been considering to attempt to make.

The seasons are determined for me more by my closet than by the calendar

Columnist Herb Broda discusses summer activities to do outside.

We allow that little guilt monster to deprive us of so many good things to eat

Columnist Scott Daniels encourages readers to enjoy life and food.

Magee Marsh and the biggest week of birding

Columnist Bruce Glick discusses birding at two locations and an increase in new birders of all ages.

Grateful for a creative mother who shared life’s beauty

Columnist Bruce Stambaugh remembers his creative mother.

Remembering Mom on Mother's Day

Columnist Mike Dewey recalls memories of his mother and considers what her thoughts and actions might have been toward the current political landscape.

Strawberry jelly and blissful chaos

Columnist Missy Herrera discusses her writing and a home system she describes as blissful chaos.

Flowers are never a bad idea as a gift

Columnist Randi Pokladnik recalls memories of her mother's love for trees and flowers.

It’s not all beach sunsets and seafood dinners

Columnist Mike Dewey discusses relationships and Newton's Third Law of Motion.

Bees are buzzing me for absolutely no good reason

Columnist Laura Moore discusses her situation with bees around her home.

Coaches and fans look beyond crimes when it helps their team win a game

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses his view on inappropriate behavior from NFL sports figures.

Spring is much more than warmer weather

Columnist Herb Broda discusses ways to enjoy spring with all of one's senses.

Consider adopting a new eco-consciousness

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses her view on nature and the human race.

We need to protect the dream in our heart

Columnist Kyle Snyder discusses his belief that God gives us dreams to follow.

Reader lobbies lawmakers to increase taxes on tobacco

In this letter to the editor Paula Chenevey of Wooster discusses her desire to see Ohio raise taxes on tobacco and fight cancer.

Because most things come in threes

Columnist Laura Moore discusses how things like to go wrong in a series of threes.

Coaching your own children

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses the dynamics of coaching one's own child in sports.

If I were younger and richer, I’d love to rehab an old home

Columnist Laura Moore discusses older homes and her desire to rehab one.

In Northeast Ohio we’re good at taking things for granted

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses Cleveland sports and its fans.

Rodent leavings are not what any house wants

Columnist Laura Moore discusses the mysterious disappearance of mice from a friend's house.

Farmers put their lives on pause to deliver aid

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses the lifestyle and mentality of farmers as compared to most of the rest of society.

Even short doses of outdoor time can provide benefits

Columnist Herb Broda shares his view on drive-thrus and getting outside for exercise.

It’s possible to go anywhere through our imagination

Columnist Kyle Snyder continues his discussion on the value of imagination.

Reader believes in a single-payer health care system

In this letter to the editor a reader expresses support for a single-payer health care system.

Our house has a spring cold

Columnist Laura Moore discusses her strategies to avoid having a cold house at this time of year.

With age comes practicality

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses how his perspective on St. Patrick's Day has changed since college.

Creaky floors warned that someone was coming

Columnist Laura Moore discusses a house she used to live in and her love for it.

‘Once’ is like nothing you’ve seen before

Writer Scott Daniels gives a review of "Once," the musical, which will come to the Kent State Tuscarawas Performing Arts Center.

Reader encourages cancer screening

In this letter to the editor Pam Manges discusses cancer and early detection through getting tested.

Baseball only needs to appeal to baseball fans

Columnist Bryan Schaaf shares his view on changing rules in sports to try to appeal to more viewers.

Keeping a house happy is worth whatever effort required

Columnist Laura Moore discusses her belief in doing whatever is necessary to keep a house happy.

We will go far with a little imagination

Columnist Kyle Snyder discusses his love for imagination and his belief in using one's imagination in everyday life.

Parents of millennials: You did this

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses millennials and where he believes they learned certain behaviors.

Skunk lore and remedies are everywhere

Columnist Laura Moore discusses some concerns about skunks and some skunk stories.

Winter offers up naked trees and maple syrup

Columnist Herb Broda discusses maple syrup and observing trees in the winter months.

Only folks with dogs will understand our dilemma

Columnist Laura Moore discusses her dogs and their vigilant desire to protect the home.

Our hardships encourage others not to give up

Columnist Kyle Snyder discusses his belief for why God allows certain things to happen.

We prefer lilacs to skunks as a harbinger of spring

Columnist Laura Moore discusses an unwanted guest that has invaded her backyard.

A year considered by many as the greatest in sports: But was it real?

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses his skepticism at the dramatic finishes to all the major sporting events of this last year.

The new kitchens and baths are too large

Columnist Laura Moore discusses her view on large kitchens and bathrooms.

Given that we’re in the winter months in Ohio, you should expect snow

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses snow in Ohio and people's reactions to how the city tends to the snow-covered roads.

Our house gets dusted when we can write our names on flat surfaces

Columnist Laura Moore discusses her ongoing battle with dust in her home.

It is time to listen and learn from each other

Columnist Kyle Snyder discusses his belief in less talking and more listening.

We’re not smart enough for a smart thermostat

Columnist Laura Moore discusses the thermostat battles that go on in her home.

If you don’t like the result, then get better next time

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses his view on the recent protests and demonstrations.

Somehow I feel cheated by what adulthood turned out to be

Columnist Scott Daniels recalls a restaurant from his past and discusses how his expectations of adulthood have been betrayed.

Reader opposes donation

In this letter to the editor Dennis Lipp disagrees with a church's support of Planned Parenthood.

The winter silence can be calming

Columnist Herb Broda discusses quiet time spent outside in the winter.

Snow is like a fancy hat for our house

Columnist Laura Moore discusses her view on how snow decorates a house.

My December impulse purchase is staring me down in January

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses ways to use leftover candy canes after the holidays.

Let’s be honest about working out

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses his view on working out.

A nervous abode will need attention

Columnist Laura Moore discusses wiring and electrical work in homes.

Spicy shrimp from a modified copycat recipe

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses copycat recipes and an attempt he made at a copycat shrimp recipe.

Broadway's '42nd Street' sets up at the Performing Arts Center

Freelance writer and columnist Scott Daniels gives a review of "42nd Street," which is coming to the Kent State University Performing Arts Center in New Philadelphia.

Let’s turn our New Year’s resolutions into New Year’s commitments

Columnist Kyle Snyder discusses New Year's resolutions and his perspective on commitment.

Being stuck at home — with nowhere to be, and nothing looming in the near future — was something strangely new

Columnist Bryan Schaaf shares how a series of illness in the family turned into a blessing.

Every winter our house has the same request: She wants a fireplace

Columnist Laura Moore discusses her desire to have a fireplace in her home.

The spirit of Christmas should happen every day

Columnist Kyle Snyder discusses his belief that Christmas should happen every day by people helping others.

Any warm-blooded creature that approaches is welcome

Columnist Laura Moore discusses what creatures are welcome in and around her home and what creatures are not.

2016 was the year we lost our collective minds

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses his view on 2016 and his hope for 2017.

The millennials have put their culinary foot down on tradition

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses the tradition of pork and sauerkraut on New Year's.

Make a resolution for the planet

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses astronauts and how their view of our planet from space affected their beliefs.

Christmas brings back fond memories

Columnist Kyle Snyder shares some of his favorite Christmas memories.

My dream is a dedicated guest room with actual room for a guest

Columnist Laura Moore discusses her desire to have a dedicated guest room in her home.

For me and many like me, it’s about what we’re not doing

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses the benefits of Christmas break for both teachers and parents.

Winter is no reason to stay indoors

Columnist Herb Broda discusses outdoor activities that are available in the winter.

Cookies are still a Christmas tradition in my family

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses a family tradition of making cookies.

Christmas is the time to honor Christ

Columnist Kyle Snyder discusses the meaning of Christmas.

Houses love to get dressed up for a party

Columnist Laura Moore discusses house parties.

Don’t make Christmas a shopping frenzy

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses her belief on materialism and Christmas.

Fruitcakes: The stuff of legends

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses fruit cake and plumb pudding.

My plans for the shed include plumbing, lighting and a trellis

Columnist Laura Moore discusses her plans with the shed.

I lost sight of the caveat about being careful

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses safety in the kitchen.

Helping another this Christmas season

Columnist Kyle Snyder discusses giving during the Christmas season.

This is the season to listen

Columnist Kyle Snyder discusses his view on listening and caring during the Christmas season.

Your house will survive if you don’t dust

Columnist Laura Moore discusses her view on dusting.

Tradition is part of what makes this time of year special

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses Christmas music and the traditions of the season.

Sugar is wreaking havoc on our health

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses sugar and its effects on health.

A raw oyster is an absolute culinary delight

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses ways to prepare and eat oysters.

Just because we feel defeated, doesn’t mean we are

Columnist Kyle Synder discusses his desire to be a writer and his belief in perseverance in times of defeat.

Not all recipes should include peanuts

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses his thoughts on peanuts in recipes.

Stopping the spread of false information is certainly a good start

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses false information and the purpose of news media.

Our house is demanding and wants that open space kept tidy

Columnist Laura Moore discusses open plans in homes and their downside.

Outdoor gifts send a message you value outdoor experiences

Columnist Herb Broda discusses various items to get children for outdoor activities.

Cotton replaced hemp in the world of fiber by chemical giant Dupont

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses cotton, organic cotton and hemp.

Be on guard against a lack of gratitude for everyday gifts

Columnist Scott Daniels speaks about being thankful for everyday things.

Why are you still wearing a mask?

Columnist Kyle Snyder discusses his belief in being open with those close to us rather than wearing a mask.

NaNoWriMo coverage welcomed by local writer

In this letter to the editor a local writer expresses his gratitude to the Bargain Hunter for its recent NaNoWriMo article.

Fall must be celebrated with porch pumpkins

Columnist Laura Moore discusses a situation at her home with her fall pumpkin decoration.

The older you are, the more perspective you get

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses the presidential election.

Real Irish coffee is the perfect after-dinner dessert

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses Irish coffee as a dessert.

If it’s larger than you, do what it wants

Columnist Laura Moore discusses a dilemma with large recycling bins

Stand up to fracking in the Wayne National Forest

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses her view on fracking and the upcoming auction of land in Wayne National Forest.

A steak for 6 isn’t meant for 1 person

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses ways to eat steak while being practical and not spending too much.

We’re happy our house likes coexisting with nature’s creatures

Columnist Laura Moore discusses the various creatures that coexist with her home.

Vienna cuisine takes cues from hearty German fare

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses Vienna cuisine and shares a recipe.

The top five aerobically fit countries might surprise you

Columnist Herb Broda discusses possible problems with not going outside and pumpkins in October.

Getting the house ready for winter

Columnist Laura Moore discusses the work around the home that fall brings and preparation for the winter.

Seriously? Regular season football over playoff baseball?

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses his anger at ESPN for covering regular season football over the Indian's victory in playoff baseball.

Not every house wants pets

Columnist Laura Moore discusses pets in the home.

Without integrity nothing else matters

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses integrity and the upcoming presidential election.

Support improvement levy

In this letter to the editor Rob Delane asks residents of the Wayne County Joint Vocational School District to approve a permanent improvement levy.

House laps help keep the inside of homes clean

Columnist Laura Moore discusses the benefits of having a deck or porch.

Remembering the Mountain Keeper

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses an anti-mountain top mining activist that influenced her.

Winter cheese? What is winter cheese?

Columnist Scott Daniels discusses winter cheese, which came to his attention during a reunion.

Palliative care offers support for families

In this letter to the editor Pam Manges discusses a bill pending in Congress concerning palliative care.

Paint or paper: Choices that often lead to work

Columnist Laura Moore discusses the choice of paint or paper for home walls.

I love what the Cleveland Indians are doing

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses the Cleveland Indians making the playoffs.

Goldenrod is a dazzling introduction to autumn

Columnist Herb Broda discusses goldenrod and some natural playgrounds.

Our house was somewhere between melancholy and angry when we moved in

Columnist Laura Moore discusses the reactions an angry house will give its owners.

Winning with a conscience should always be present

Columnist Bryan Schaaf talks about how there is a right way to win and a wrong way to win.

But this summer, despite my best efforts, it finally happened

Columnist Bryan Schaaf talks about his son's choice to play football.

Backyard critters bring excitement to homes

Columnist Laura Moore discusses the various critters that dwell around her home.

Unclad windows are acceptable as long as they overlook something interesting

Columnist Laura Moore discusses various details about windows on houses.

I don’t think his methods were appropriate, but he got us talking

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses the recent decision of Colin Kaepernick to not stand for the national anthem.

Front porches are a good way to get to know your neighbors

Columnist Laura Moore discusses the positive things front porches bring to homes and communities.

Resident supports Jim Renacci

In this letter to the editor Derek Ballinger of Wooster expresses his support of congressman Jim Renacci.

If you want to find out what a person is truly like, observe how they behave in parking lots

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses how to observe a person's parking lot behavior to judge character.

A New England haunting

Columnist Laura Moore discusses a haunted landing in a house owned by some friends.

There’s still a segment of Bambi-on-Ice drivers out there, but that’s to be expected

Columnist Bryan Schaaf discusses the roundabout that was constructed for Wooster's traffic.

House lights are meant to turn on and off

Columnist Laura Moore discusses a house with a strange lighting problem.

Unstructured outdoor play relieves stress

Columnist Herb Broda discusses the various reasons to provide children with unstructured outdoor play.

Alex Rodriguez is a really unlikable guy

Columnist Brian Schaaf discusses his reasoning for why he believes Alex Rodriguez will not make the Hall of Fame.

Dust wars: An exercise in futility

Columnist Laura Moore discusses dust in her house and her hope for an automatic duster.

Houseomaniacs can’t just stop with one house

Columnist Laura Moore discusses the jealous reaction of houses that find out about their owners dabbling in multiple properties.

All I do in the month of August is squint, sweat and swear

Columnist Bryan Schaaf expresses his anger at the heat and his desire for August to be over.

Democracy hijacked at DNC

Columnist Randi Pokladnik explains her experience and treatment as a Bernie Sanders' delegate at the Democratic National Convention.

Why climate change should be a number one priority in our lives

Columnist Randi Pokladnik discusses climate change.

Building trust takes time and effort in any relationship

Columnist Laura Moore discusses the need to build trust with insecure houses by meeting needs.

Garden Tour a success for local organization

In this letter to the editor Eleanor Runyan thanks the community for a successful Holmes County Friends and Neighbors of OneEighty Garden Tour.

Mothing is a great summer activity for families

Columnist Herb Broda discusses how to observe moths, be a citizen scientist and National Moth Week.

The last thing we need right now is for this place to throw a tantrum

Columnist Laura Moore discusses how houses like to hide things such as leaky pipes and how this lack of honesty in houses can be costly.

‘The Dancing Years:’ Only the 2nd fully staged American production

Ellen Pill gives her review of Ohio Light Opera's "The Dancing Years."

Ohio Light Opera’s ‘La Vie Parisienne’ c’est magnifique

Ellen Pill gives her review of Ohio Light Opera's performance of "La Vie Parisienne."

OLO’s ‘Have a Heart’ receives rave reviews

Ellen Pill gives her review of Ohio Light Opera's production, "Have a Heart."

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