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The Habitat for Humanity in Wayne County's ReStore is moving to bigger digs on East Lincoln Way. You can't miss it.

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Festa Italiana only happens once every two years, so don't miss out on the 2014 Festa and everything it has to offer.

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Memories help keep heritage alive in the Italian community in Wooster. With plenty of good representations of food and family at the Festa, it's not hard to see why it's a success.

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John Latecki heard that a slum in The Philippines had a hundred or so families in dire need of food, clothing, medicine and education. So, he went to help.

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The Wayne County Performing Arts Council's summer youth production of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" will be staged July 25-27 at the Wayne Center for the Arts.

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At some point in my life, I will once again be cool in the eyes of my children

Struggling with loads of laundry, clutter in the kitchen and chaos in your life? Stress can easily steal our joy. Trish Berg reminds us to simplify the small stuff and find Joy in the Journey.

Meet John: an everyday, very extraordinary guy

Tami Lange Mosser sketches the history of one man who didn't just give, but went.

Sure, Iíll take that off your hands

Though I donít have many pans, there are a couple of humdinger, expensive, big-name shiny pans in my cupboard that were given to me because they didnít work. Iím happy to take any and all such luxe cookware off your hands anytime you want to clean out your collection.

Ergonomic tools that can ease gardening pain

Even into their later years, many people love to garden. However, the strain on older muscles can minimize the pleasure of working in the garden. Jim Miller lists some tools that might help.

Children may be witnesses in family law trials

Children may be allowed to testify in family law trials, if they are 10 years old or older or appear able to correctly and truthfully explain facts to the court.

It’s pretty hard to miss Wayne Habitat ReStore’s new digs

The Habitat for Humanity in Wayne County's ReStore is moving to bigger digs on East Lincoln Way. You can't miss it.

Amid gridlock, legislators can still find common ground

Though we are facing a divided government, there are many of us in Washington who are working hard to find common ground. Our nationís problems are not Democrat or Republican issues Ė they are problems that we need to tackle together. President Obama cannot do it on his own, and neither can one...

Young Bald Eagles are stealing the show at Lake Erieís Conneaut Harbor

Columnist Bruce Glick summarizes happenings in the local birding world. This week Bruce reports on a large gathering of Bald Eagles at Conneaut. Read more in the Gone Birding column.

Can Mike Dewey take on country music? Not likely

My sister, among the three of us Ė my brother and I bookend her in age Ė has been especially faithful to the spirit of rockíníroll since we reached our 50s. I admire that and donít really mind that itís been a long, long time since I witnessed an actual concert that counted.

This lucky penny stays put

You can keep a lucky penny forever and maybe, just maybe its luck will never run out.

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